Harvest & Wine Tasting in Aosta Valley

harvest wine food tasting tour in aosta valleyLa Vendemmia means "Harvest" or "Vintage" in English. But the vendemmia is much more than a mere agricultural event: entire villages dedicate their whole energies to it, and life revolves around the grapes. The pickers are old farmers, young students trying to make a buck, tourists who wish to share the experience, and relatives of the landowners.

Want to visit Aosta Valley in autumn? The best time to visit is during harvest for three reasons: the weather is a little cooler, the grapes are ripe, and everywhere is bustling with activity!

Our grape harvest experience in Aosta Valley takes place in the morning for about 2 hours. You meet our local guide and have an introduction to the world of vineyards before acting!

The guide gives you a lot of information about the plants and the cultivation of the vines as well as the weather conditions of the seasons and how they affect the fruits.

Then you get your scissors and your crates and you start collecting grapes assisted by your guide and the other winemakers around.

After collecting some grapes you will follow your guide and the tractor to the operational areas in the winery, where you see all the machinery involved in the process, to understand the wine-making process in detail.

So if you're planning a trip to Aosta Valley, autumn might well be the perfect time, as you'll enjoy the countryside immersed in its loveliest activity of the year.


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