Cornetto, Brioche or Croissant?

wine food tasting tour aosta courmayeur cervinia chamonix guide sommelierFor Italians, breakfast is the one thing they really can’t say no to, or skip.

Usually, a cup of coffee (or a cappuccino) together with one brioche, Cornetto, or a croissant … but aren’t they really the same thing?

A real French brioche is a leavened pastry made with butter, flour, sugar, eggs, yeast, water and lard. It has more butter and sugar than its “colleagues” and is softer and more airy.

The Italian-style cornetto is based on a Viennese dessert, invented in 1683: kipfel, a sweet and savory specialty with a crescent shape. Is made with flour, milk, eggs, sugar, salt, butter and yeast and can be served empty or filled.

Although it comes from the same Viennese kipfel, the croissant is not a cornetto. It was invented later, in Paris in 1838. The ingredients are the same as the cornetto, except for one: eggs.


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