Who hasn’t dreamed one day of flying up in the mountains? While many recreational forms of flying exist and are all beautiful, paragliding provides unparalleled sensations of freedom and adrenaline.

The Aosta valley seen with the eyes of an eagle: nothing can compare to the breathtaking panoramic views enjoyed while paragliding! You'll be gliding high above mountains and villages, and have an unimpeded view of Mont Blanc or Matterhorn. The saying 'free as a bird' takes on quite a different meaning here!

Enjoy a tandem paragliding experience amid the mountainous scenery of the Italian Alps. After taking off from the meeting point, you’ll soar into the air with your pilot behind you.
Feeling like a daredevil? Let the pilot try some tricks up in the air. Want to focus on the scenery? Just gaze ahead, and take in sights of mountains and the alpine villages below.

Fly in tandem paragliding does not require any previous experience: the pilot manages everything in security, so that you will easily soar in the sky, living a guaranteed unique experience.


Paragliding programmes: